Our Story

Founder and creator of Cantiva Coconut, Wendy Pagaduan, embarked on a personal journey to create natural skin care products to relieve common skin ailments and deliver amazing, beautiful skin.  Born and raised in Boston, now living in the Denver area, Wendy’s story is a personal journey.  She suffered for many years with eczema and KP (skin bumps).  As a registered nurse, with knowledge of the many prescription and over the counter skin care remedies available, she realized she wanted a more natural remedy without all the harsh ingredients that most other skin products contained.  Through passion, research and love, her journey resulted in the creation of skin care products that not only brought relief, but also amazingly beautiful skin.  At the urging of friends and family, she proudly made her skin care products available to others, Cantiva Coconut was born!
Our vision is to create natural, organic skin-loving products with safe quality ingredients for all skin types.  We will continue to strive with heartfelt passion to create products for those with sensitive skin types.  Our intention is to design products that will invoke all your senses and create a feeling that you love and a quality you can trust.
We will NEVER use any:  Fillers, Parabens, Nanoparticles, Petrochemicals, PEG, Synthetic Fragrances, or Dyes.  We test our products on real people (thank you family and friends) and NEVER on animals.  We are made in Colorado and source the worlds purest natural and organic ingredients.  If we don't put it on our skin, it won't be in our products.  
Skincare shouldn't be complicated.